Mark Hoppus Recalls Filming American Pie’s Blink-182 Cameo

1999’s American Pie became a raunchy hit thanks to its hilarious jokes, but it also featured quite a few nods to 90s pop culture, including an appearance from the rock band Blink-182. Beyond the cameo, which saw the band members watching an embarrassing webstream, the band also contributed the song “Mutt” off Enema of the State to the film’s soundtrack.

Blink-182 bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus revealed on a recent Twitch stream that the band’s contribution to the sex comedy came on the very last day of filming.

“It was cool. We were there for the last day of filming,” said Hoppus of his experience filming American Pie. “It was just us, the monkey, and the director. I think they had already wrapped all principal photography at that point.”

Check out the Blink-182 American Pie cameo below:

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It was previously revealed that the cameo came about after guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge’s acting agent found out that the film needed a band. As seen in the video above, Travis Barker appears with his bandmates despite being miscredited as the band’s previous drummer Scott Raynor in the credits.

Directed by Paul Weitz, American Pie would spawn three direct sequels and five direct-to-video spin-offs that most recently included 2020’s Girls’ Rules.

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