Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Video Details New Snake Robot Enemy

Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Video

Guerrilla Games debuted a trailer of Horizon Forbidden West at The Game Awards, showcasing a variety of new robotic foes. One of these was a snake-like machine that was unlike anything else previously seen in the series. Guerrilla has now talked more about this reptilian robot, which is called the Slitherfang.

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Game Informer detailed the new beast along with showcasing 32 seconds of gameplay featuring the Slitherfang. While it has more attacks not seen in the video, the Slitherfang can spray acid, shoot lighting from its tail, and slam Aloy around, the latter of which can knock Aloy off perches if she’s playing too defensively and not moving around enough. And in true Horizon fashion, sharpshooters can knock off certain parts that either disable a certain attack or give Aloy a chance to use that weapon against the machine it was ripped from. For example, players can grab the rattle from the tail after knocking it off and use it to fire lightning at the Slitherfang (but it is resistant to shock damage) or aim at its neck to stop it from shooting acid.

It can also stun Aloy using sonic pulses. Game Director Mathijs de Jonge said this move was “hard to dodge” and can open up players if they aren’t rushing toward cover. Being a snake, it can also climb up structures for a better vantage point, something Guerrilla said gives it access to its “full arsenal as its rotating body parts snap into place.” It even changes its attack patterns in some unknown way as it drops in health. It seems like a tough character that will test players; not even stealth attacks work on the Slitherfang.

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Guerrilla has been detailing all sorts of other machines on its Twitter page ahead of its February 18 release date, including the armored Rollerback and the Burrower, which is able to swim.

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